A "Quick Response" for your Missing Pet

Posted by: Nicholas M. Roberts

I love my dog Annabel. I don’t want to imagine what my life would be like if she weren’t in it. Annabel wears a collar with a tag that has veterinary information on it. She used to have one with our phone number, but she once ripped it off while we were outside and after an hour of searching we gave in and just bought a new one.

I doubt Annabel would ever run away from us, but it could happen. And it could happen to your dog too! Wouldn’t you want to know that the people who find your lost dog know how to take good care of them? Yesterday I came up with a brilliant idea! We have discussed [QR codes for causes] so why not put a QR code on your dog’s tag? If someone finds your dog they could scan it and be led to a webpage with not just contact information, but his or her name, favorite foods and special places they like to be scratched. That way, the finders will be able to take the best possible care of your dog if they can’t reach you, or just until you pick them up.

I was excited. I was going to take this idea, better lives and get rich in the process. My patented—

Oh…it’s already patented. PetHub is much quicker on their toes than I am. Apparently they have been on Good Morning America and CNET and that somehow slipped right through my radar. They’re offering a great service for a low cost to you. Unlike the microchips that are currently embedded in pets, the information on the QR code’s website can be updated at any time. You can even use PetHub’s website to declare your pet lost so shelters will be on the lookout.

There are many packages that PetHub offers. For a permanent website account and a physical QR tag it is only $12.95! For $29.95 you can upgrade to a collar with a QR code printed right on the buckle. PetHub also offers Silver and Gold Packages with monthly fees and digital benefits. Check them out here.

Word on the street is that Pet QR Tag and Dynotag offer similar services for different pricing. Shop around and see which one best suits your needs and will ensure the safety of your beloved family pet.