About Me

Posted by: Nicholas M. Roberts

I keep getting e-mails asking me personal questions. I didn’t think it mattered that much to people I’ve never met, but since so many of you insist, today I thought I’d take a break from writing about QR codes and let you know a little more about myself. I am not the type of guy you would expect to be writing about QR codes. In fact, I’m much older than the type of guy you would expect to know what a QR code is.

I was born in 1959 in a small town in Minnesota. Growing up I always wanted to be a soldier who traveled overseas and brought peace. I joined the Marines at 18, but unfortunately I was a few years too late to fight in the Vietnam War. My time in the service was actually quite peaceful. Through my early 20s I was stationed in Pensacola, Florida. At 27 I moved to California where I lived for an additional six years. At 33 I moved back to Minnesota. I started working in an automobile repair shop while earning a degree at the local community college. Life was going quite well for me until one day there was an accident at the shop and I suffered serious spinal damage. Fortunately I retained all of my mobility, but the pain can be so excruciating some days that I have trouble getting out of bed. I can no longer work at the garage or do any physically strenuous jobs, but I have enough to get by. I spend a lot of time on the internet, which is how I learned about QR codes. I keep myself occupied with this blog and with my family. I currently live with my wonderful girlfriend Kim and our dog, Annabel. They are the crutches that support me on my worst days.

I like sports. I’m a fan of all the Minnesota teams: Twins, Vikings and Timberwolves. I used to be an avid golfer but I can’t play anymore. I like to watch mechanical-themed television shows. Reruns of Junkyard Wars on the Science channel are my favorite.